Indulgence; The Enemy of Satisfaction

Photo by Klara Kulikova on Unsplash

Imagine a hot slice of New York Style Pizza topped with crispy pepperoni and parmesan cheese. Incredible, right? I’m sure you might have developed a craving for it aswell. Now picture yourself having that slice of pizza every single meal. Well, not so appetizing now is it? Why is that? It’s because indulgence without moderation removes all satisfaction.

If you were to live your life with infinite money, money would have no meaning as it would never be of concern. If you were to never work, vacations would become normalized and lose their appreciation.

Let’s put this into perspective with an equation:

Amount of Indulgence x Time of Indulgence = Decreased Value

So if I were to have an enormous chocolate bar the size of my kitchen but only one time, my desire for chocolate would still decrease as the amount I had was beyond stomach-able. On the other hand, if I were to have a sliver of chocolate every night for a month, my appreciation for it would decrease as it’s a normal part of my daily routine just as brushing my teeth or checking my email. So, how do we keep the value of our favourite indulgences?

Moderation. Ensure you maintain a positive ratio of indulgences to priorities. This may look like spending 1 hour of anime for every 3 hours of studying. Or 1 cheat meal for every 6 days of healthy eating. The important aspect of this is pre-determined ratios. Having a week a cheat meals unplanned just to yo-yo back into your regular diet for 6 weeks is unsustainable.

Develop a plan for the amount of indulgence you have after the amount of priorities you complete. The result is greater productivity as you apsire to get your work done or eat healthy to get the reward of your indulegence. Furthermore, when you have that indulgence, it’s value increases as it is special and maintains a rarity within your daily routine.

Keep this in mind next time you have feel the sudden urge to drop all disciplines for a binge of pizza pie. Because the truth is, the pizza won’t taste as amazing if you taste it every day.

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